Throughout the territory of the Comunitat Valenciana you will enjoy during all the hole year,an infinity of festivals which are notable for their popular participation, in towns and cities,. Among more than 1,000 festivals that take place, especially those that have been declared of both National and International Touristic Interest because of their historical tradition, the large participation or the great impact on the mass media.

    (mid-March) Fire, gunpowder, music, colouring displays and entertainment are elements that we can enjoy during the five days of festivities of the Fallas. The announcement of Spring delights the city with more than 700 cardboard made with humor and satire. The 15th of March is the "plantà" and although the events to be held during the "fallera" week are almost infinite, in the program stands out the offering of flowers to the Virgin, the "mascletas", the "nit del foc" (night of the fire) and, of course, the night of the "burning".


    (Buñol, end of August) The Tomato festival was born on 1945. It is a great "battle" whose beginning and end is announced b the shooting of a casing. The participants throw ripen tomatoes to the other people attending to the feast. At the end,it begins the traditional cleaning process with hoses throwing water on the square and also to the participants. In August 2002, it was declared as a celebration of International Touristic Interest.


    (Ontinyent, end of August) Ontinyent celebrates its festival of Moors and Christians each year by the end of August. The city remembers since 1860 the christian conquest of the villa made by Jaime I in the 13th Century and the struggles against the Muslim troops. These festivals have been declared tourist attractions. In "La Entrada" more than 6000 people are involved together:" festeros", music bands and choreography groups. Throughout the rest of the year, these same feasts are held in different cities of the region.


    At nightfall, the city lights up and it becomes so beautiful, that is worth to visit the nightlife. The pleasant temperature of Valencia invites to have a dinner out or to attend any of the many entertainment options offered by the city. Undoubtedly, the main area of the night in Valencia city is "El Barrio del Carmen", located in the heart of town, where bohemian tradition and modernity live together.